Councillor Candidate’s Candid Concessions & Confessions

September 8, 2013

I concede, that (if elected) my motivation for refusing their paycheque a.k.a your money stems from my insecurities.

I confess my insecurities such that I couldn’t handle being labeled as yet another one of them politicians.

I concede of knowing no other way of avoiding such labeling.

I confess that in a past endeavour I was guilty of pretending what I wasn’t and its failure to fly I concede to have been my pretending.

I confess to thinking that Canada’s self appointed wine capital’s Main Street presentation is lacking and its failure to fly – the pretention.

I concede that South Okanagan wineries are all independent yet interdependent Wine Villages making a Town Wine Village without vineyard pretend economic development. 

I confess that I can’t get no satisfaction from public purse pursuing politicians’ protecting private privilege while accomplishing the least with the most.

I concede that if elected my satisfaction cannot be sated until having accomplished the most with the least.

I further concede no changing the status quo means no success or satisfaction which will be measured by your ballots in November next year.

I must confess for me not exercising my democratic responsibility precludes any success and all satisfaction. 


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