Oliver Lies In Bed With Telus

October 21, 2013

Proving Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows, the Town of Oliver & Telus Corporation, on linked logo letterhead, formally announce their marriage by proclaiming their relationship a partnership.

Partnerships exists whenever two or more entities co-own, contribute to a business and share in the profits and losses of said business.  The three types of partnerships in Canada are:

a) general partnership b) limited partnership c) limited liability partnership

The Oliver & Telus partnership promises the fastest internet speed by speeding up the speed of spam so to provide Western Canada’s best home entertainment experience.

The following communication was forwarded to Oliver’s Mayor & Council

re: Telus/Oliver Joint Venture

You claim that this partnership will “give local businesses the speed they need to operate locally and compete globally.” Was this claim motivated by your commitment and efforts for local businesses’ economic development or from a complaint point of view – i.e. local businesses blaming lack of business on low internet speed?

Please advise us when & why & what kind of partnership & projected costs of liabilities you signed us up for.

Before committing Oliver’s Town and Business folk, did you think how this would play with the Eastlink Oliver Half Marathon Sponsor(s), the Oliver Festival of the Grape Sponsor(s) and the Eastlink Oliver Curling Centre Sponsor(s)?

Please also advise us of past and present Telus’ local sponsorships and or future Telus’ sponsorships now that the Town and Telus are so cozy.

Looking forward to your reply – john micka

When in receipt of, Oliver’s Mayor & Council’s response will be placed here.

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