Riding & Beating A Dead Horse (O.I.B. vs. O.T.C.)

January 7, 2014

Osoyoos Indian Band (O.I.B.) versus Oliver Town Council (O.T.C.)

Passed on for generations, the collective ancestral wisdom of the O.I.B. says that  . . . upon discovering you are riding a dead horse the best strategy is . . . dismount and get a new fresh horse.

Passed on from Council to Council for 2+ decades, the collective new-fangled “wish-dumb” of the Oliver Town Council – O.T.C. says that,

upon discovering you’re riding & beating a dead horse, the best strategy is  . . . buy stronger whips, change riders, appoint a committee to study horses, visit other countries to see how they ride dead horses, reclassify the standards, hire outside contractors to ride dead horses and to increase speed . . .

harness several dead horses together, all the while provide much funding to do a productivity research study to see if lighter riders would improve a dead horse’s performance . . .  and then proudly and prematurely declare that . . . because dead horses need not be fed they reduce overhead . . .

and therefore contribute substantially more to the bottom line than do other horses and of course . . .  promote dead horses to supervisory positions . . .

resuscitate the long dead Centennial Park/Wine Village issue and endorse a most pompous & bloated dead horse, as entrepreneur of the year!

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