Talking the Walk

January 21, 2014

Is pretending that an unknown, unlit & unmarked major highway pedestrian crossing is perpetually safe . . . by walking one way once, during daylight hours with best weather conditions possible and the least to the max traffic time of the year, tantamount to . . . 

1) A Walk of Shame or of Fame?

2) A Walk of Shame or A Stride of Pride?

3) A Walk of Shame & Fame or A Stride of Pride & Prejudice?   

Is pilfering public pocketbooks to promote prisons & pipelines with a penchant for precluding public parks & pedestrian passageways . . . perfect nameless, blameless & shameless, B.C. Liberal pompous posturing . . . or a Walk on the Lied Side?

Nameless, Blameless & Shameless

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