Oliver is Going . . . Going . . . Gone to the Dogs

January 29, 2014

Oliver’s paper-tiger news later paper ISSUE 4, VOL 79, Front & Editorial & Sixth Pages report & purport Oliver is Going . . . Going . . . Gone to the Dogs!

Oliver’s alpha dog has trained many mayors & councils like puppy packs to doggedly bay the moon. Were one to pay attention to their baying, you’d hear them bark, “Legally, we’re not bound to enforce any of our doggone By-laws!”

Oliver’s 2nd & 4th Monthly Monday dog & pony shows where the collective chosen council constantly claims to be working like dogs, bringing new meaning to the word unimaginative and making even the most attentive breed of dogs, dog-tired!

Oliver’s top-trained-dog claims to have earned his “dog-tags” by having served in the Canadian Armed Forces!

Oliver’s Chronicle conveys current conditions correctly, ‘cause . . . confounding canine crap causes council colossal, yet calculated concerns, ‘cause . . .  as draconian as they protest not to be . . .  their dogma is to dogmatically inflict their by-laws, like Reverse Reservoir Dogs, on the reward a rat basis!

Oliver bylaws enforced Ad hoc & Ad lib

By By-law Oliver Outlaws The Dog Days Of Summer

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