B.C. Prison Populations vs. the Locales’ Locals

April 16, 2014

Currently, nine (9) B.C. prisons/penitentiaries are located in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island (Victoria & Nanaimo) and the Interior of the Province (Prince George & Kamloops).

The prisons’ populations and guards at these locales, as a percentage of the at large local population, within a 15 km radius, is less than 1%.

The prison’s population and guards to be located in the unincorporated Hamlet adjoining Gallagher Lake, deep in the heart of wine country, will more than double that Locales number of Locals.

The Gallagher Lake Locale prison population and guards, as a percentage of the at large locals, within a 15 km radius, will be more than 10%.

The Gallagher Lake prison population will exceed the number of locals at large who exercised their democratic right to vote in the last Area “C” civic election . . . by 50%.

At the local prison proposal presentations held in the other proposed prison locales, the overwhelming percentage of locals protested the potential penitentiaries sufficiently to cause 100% of their elected to say No! . . . to the prison.

Under the cover of night, 100% of the locale’s elected leaders (O.I.B Chief, Oliver Town Mayor, and Area “C” Director) went to Victoria to “win” what nobody else wanted.    

The fete de complete awarding of BC’s largest prison, without a prior and proper public hearing process, left 100% of the O.I.B, Town and Area “C” electorate . . . disenfranchised, like prisoners of thier own demise.

2 Responses to B.C. Prison Populations vs. the Locales’ Locals

  1. Jan Farmer on July 4, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    How did we get this prison in our back yards? I know I didn’t want it. And many others didn’t want it either. I use to call Oliver the secret little jewel of the Okanagan but now it will be a glow in the dark cement eyesore that will forever blemish this community. What were “they” thinking. We don’t even have police in our police (RCMP) station.

  2. Red Hovanian Herrings Abound | Oliver Ironical on August 3, 2015 at 4:16 pm

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