Profitable Private Societies Pilfer Public’s Purse

October 13, 2014

Most if not All Religious-Fraternal, Charitable and Special Interest Groups organize themselves as Non Profit Private Societies to which any and all citizens might belong and contribute financially on a volunteer basis.   

Non-Profit Private Societies and the Society Act were formed and formatted on the foundation that 100% of any Society’s funding would come exclusively from their Private Society Members through fund raising by voluntary donation. 

Neither Canada’s Federal, Provincial nor Municipal Governments have any jurisdiction, control or credence whatsoever over any and all non-profit societies

The checks and balances controlling these collective Private Societies’ conduct would be naturally enforced by the society’s membership financial support or the withholding of such financial support.

That Municipal Governments would not only reorganize the Parks Board, the Museum-Heritage Board, the Economic Development Board and now the Venables Theater Board into Private Societies, but also fund and further such Societies exclusively with your involuntary tax money, borders on the absurd.

Even the Registrars of Companies do not supervise the conduct of societies nor intervene in the internal affairs of a society.

If a private society member or a member of the public believes a private society breaches the Society Act or does not comply with its bylaws or constitution, the only remedies prescribed are to withdraw & withhold financial contributions until such time that compliance is met, or for those so inclined, to seek relief in the courts.

The funding of private societies only through municipal tax dollars whose members are only appointed and or condoned by municipal governments is wrong at any and all levels.

The Oliver District Community Economic Development Society (ODCEDS) spent millions of never accounted for dollars without ever having any public input, support or any elected ever attending any meetings which were always held behind closed doors.

Down that same slippery slope goes the new Community Theater Society.

Voting No, in the upcoming election to the forced financial feeding formula of a society which by its very nature and intent is beyond public scrutiny and accountability is a step in the right direction.

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