Yes Means No – No Means Yes

November 25, 2014

Is politics based on the indifference of the majority?

Are pleasant politicians as rare as benign burglars?

Do politicians pose as servants so as to become masters?

On television, did you ever see a candidate talking to a rich person?

Is politics a conflict of interests masquerading as contests of principles?

Is it dangerous for a political candidate to say something people might remember?

Does it make a difference who you vote for when the parties are really one collective party representing anywhere from 6.9 to 9.6 percent of people?

Does the hampsonian “explanation” for the mayor’s “reconsideration” of Oliver’s Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1350.02 confirm that a Catch-22 is in progress and/or Doublespeak is being spoken or …….. as the Catch 22 author said, “some men are born mediocre, some achieve mediocrity and some have mediocrity thrust upon them”?

Is it ironic or ironical that in a world of universal deceit, those who tell the truth are revolutionary, while those who doublespeak are  . . . . mediocre?

Please find the current & former mayors’ “explanation” and “interpretation” for the “reconsideration” as published by “Big Brother Bennest”.

Due to Community Charter regulations, Council had to bring the matter back to the table as a resolution; “That Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1350.02 be read a third time and be adopted” and then Council would be legally able to defeat the motion which was done. and

Mayor Hovanes comment when asked by a reporter why this step was taken so that Mr. Megale was not able to make adjustments to his application conditions that Council desired.

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