Oliver Chronicle Mouths Ironical

February 17, 2015

Is the Oliver Chronicle aping the Oliver Ironical when it implores Oliver Town Council to “Strike an economic development committee and make it work.”?      

Could the Oliver Chronicle’s mouthing the Oliver Ironical be an example of the sincerest form of flattery?

When the Oliver Chronicle goes on to say, “For some reason economic development committees in Oliver don’t last long or tends to peter out before the climax.” is that an ironical play on words or an ironical plagiarism?

In its Feb.11, 15 edition . . . the Oliver Chronicle goes on to say, “Why Oliver doesn’t have an economic development officer is beyond explanation.

We beg to differ.

Oliver’s dearth of economic development is not beyond explanation.

Oliver’s dearth of economic development is readily explainable . . . a quarter century of Town Mayors & Councils’ without practical realistic economic development visualization & expectation based on the premise that without the Rural Community there would be no Town of Oliver.

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