Oliver Chronicle Editorial “Editors” Blinder than Bats

April 30, 2015

The Oliver Chronicle Editorial (04.22.15) Headline reads . . . MLA Larson is blind on the National Park issue and goes on to say . . . “it’s time for Larson to remove her blinders.”

Oliver Ironical readers ask, “shouldn’t Oliver Chronicle Editorial “editors” remove their collective blinders first?”

Seemingly those collective blinders prevent the Chronicle “editors” from seeing / understanding that MLA Larson works diligently for her Social Credit / BC Liberal Party, by running roughshod over any and all opposition to the Party’s Premier’s issues.

Are they so blind that they fail to understand that the MLA saying Yes to the No and No to the Yes National Park position and No to any constituency issue of which the Premier is not in favour . . . raises the MLA’s status to the position of a Socred/Liberal Party Poster Child with future rewards to follow?

This does not make the MLA a yes-man, ‘cause when the Premier says no, the MLA says no too.

The Editorial goes on to say, “This is not the first time Larson has defied common sense”. Really?!

What defies common sense is the Chronicle “editors” giving so much weight to the results of a recent partial & prejudiced Park poll polled by political pollster pundits.

F.Y.I. since the middle of this month till now, at random, 150+ Area C, Oliver, Area A and Osoyoos residents were asked by Oliver Ironical Editors, face to face, the following two (2) questions:

1) Were you polled by pollster McAllister Opinion Research regarding the National Park issue?

2) Are you aware of anyone in Oliver, Area C & Area A  and Osoyoos that were?

To both questions the answers were 100% . . . NO!

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