Much Ado About Nothing Bylaws

May 28, 2015

Oliver’s elected & appointed “leaders” have mouthed ad infinitum and in concert that no legal reason exists that could compel them to enforce any or all of their Bylaws.

At no time since Oliver became a Town have any of the elected & appointed been sufficiently genuine with the Public so as to inform them that conversely there exists no legal barrier barring them from enforcing each and every Bylaw equally and democratically.

Seemingly the current persuasion of the Public, by the collective Council, to review and provide written submissions regarding their “new & improved” misnamed & misleading “Good Neighbour Bylaw” also to be enforced on the status quo adlib  basis . . . can only be interpreted as a make work project or as the Bard so aptly said, “Much Ado About Nothing”.

The “Good Neighbour Bylaw” regulates Explosives and Fireworks, Firearms and Bows, Health Regulations, Littering, Noise Regulations, Panhandling, Property Maintenance, Vacant Buildings and Repeat Nuisance Calls.

A Bylaw Enforcement Officer shall have the right to enter upon any property of any owner or occupant at all reasonable times and in a reasonable manner for the purposes of inspecting property and declaring whether the property is unsightly or otherwise not in compliance with the provisions of the “Good Neighbour Bylaw”.

All offences will have a fine attached.

Every person who contravenes a provision of this Bylaw is guilty of an offence and is liable upon summary conviction to a fine not more than ten thousand ($10,000.00) dollars.

Each day that a contravention of the provisions of this Bylaw exists or is permitted to exist shall constitute a separate offence.

Town Council has again & already appointed yet another bylaw officer to maybe . . . . maybe not enforce some or none or all of the New and Old Bylaws.

Oliver Public consensus seems to be two sided . . . one side wants to have all Bylaws enforced uniformly . . .  should that task remain beyond the integrity of the Mayor & Council & their Manager, the other side would opt for no Bylaw enforcement or better yet, no Bylaws at all.

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