Downtown Economic Revitalization Regurgitation

October 21, 2015

Since Oliver has been a “Town” (1990) multiple special economic development / downtown revival committees, societies, boards and groups have come and gone without leaving a worthwhile mark.

Proving the idiom – everything old is new again – Mayor & Council are soliciting feedback from the public by inviting them to sit on a special committee to discuss, from an economic development point of view, ideas on how to revitalize the downtown core.

Your Collective Council’s current “vision” of “Downtown Improvements” is not limited to sidewalk “bumpouts” curb extensions putting pedestrians closer to the flow of traffic all the while sacrificing  a few more of the already few parking spots. Can that be good for downtown business development and /or revitalization?

Current Council’s “vision” also includes “having one policy that will help ensure that the Town has a good process in place ensuring that our capital infrastructure is being regularly maintained and funded appropriately”.                                                              What that “doublespeak” actually means would make a great question for Big Brother Bennest.

How many policies there are and will be amalgamated to ensure that your capital infrastructure is being regularly maintained and funded appropriately remains unknown.

What is now known is that the Town seems to run just as well if not better without a chief administrative officer.

Too bad so sad that was not known when Oliver became a “Town” 25 years ago.




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