Pointy Pondering Poinsettia Points

December 30, 2015

Pointy Pondering Points

Is Our Downtown’s HWY 97 a, Highway through Hell, Heaven or Hindrance?

Is Our Town’s “crime spree” under control, out of control or uncontrollable?

Is Our being BC’s Prison Capital, a Capital Idea, Gain or Capital Punishment?

Is Our desire for a National Park being misrepresented by misinformation, misconception or miscreants?

Quintessential Questions & Questionable Quotes

Are Our Supermarkets actually Sugarmarkets devoted to peddling sucrose?

Without economic development, any potential for political openness and freedom will be questionable.”  Jose Maria Aznar

Why should Oliver’s politicians be changed as often as diapers and why has that not happened in the last 25 years . . .begging the further question . . Is The Status Quo The Way To Go?

“Oliver is a great place to live. It’s a blessing that we didn’t have a huge recreational lake that allowed us to boom like the other communities in the 1970s,1980s,1990s carrying on though the 2000s, We’re still a settled, authentic rural agricultural community. We have a strong, diverse economy that could get stronger. I think Oliver is well suited going forward.” Hovanes

Why we are surprised to learn that our elected have no problem endorsing secret meetings, societies etc.  . . .  yet scorn the electorate who dare to publically air their opinions?  

Ironical Inquiries, Information & Interactions

Are the wheels of our Justice System pushed by snails to control and enhance maximum billable hours?

Is it true that the wheels of all levels of Government are pushed by the same snails for the same reason or is it because when government snails speed up, the politicians would falter?

It is true that Hilaire Belloc said, “The standard of intellect in politics is so low that those of moderate mental capacity have to stoop in order to reach it.”

Given the enormity of Oliver’s penchant for embracing the status quo, how can Oliver be well suited going forward?

pointy poinsettia points



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