June 1, 2017

“Oliver’s Downtown Sucks! Let’s Face It!” says Oliver’s 25 year (1991-2016) Town Manager and still “consulting” Manager.unnamed

“SUCKS” is slang used to express resentment, dislike or feelings of disgust about something or a situation.

Not all, but enough Oliver & Rural Area residents at the Public meeting remember the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s, when Oliver’s Downtown Did Not Suck!

They also remember the 90’s when, as if by plan, Oliver’s Downtown Economy & Appearance began its listless downward spiral.

What it took to mortally wound Oliver’s Downtown Economic Life was . . . for the long reigning “King-manager” to “lead” the cooperative Councils by their collective noses to pass obtuse & onerous parking regulations, ridiculous restrictive revitalization rules and a restraining control over the building permit process.

This begs three questions . . . is it “Only in Oliver Irony” that “Oliver’s Downtown Sucks!” proclamation is met with current Councils’ downcast eyes, muted mouths and baited breath . . . or is it Council’s confirmation that the “King-manager still reigns supreme . . . or is it an admission of guilt by the orchestrator/manager and his council?



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