“Local businesses suffer from a perceived lack of support from Mayor & Council”

March 1, 2011

“Local Businesses Suffer from a Perceived Lack of Support form Mayor & Council”

F.Y.I. this statement was adopted as a Council Resolution on March 09, 2009 and was scheduled for a review on June 15, 2009.


The Council Resolution Solution:

Dec. 06, 2010 Councillor Bennest heads the steering committee bound to hire the Oliver Chronicle’s ex-Editor for two months, to pound the pavement in an Iliadic quest to find and implement Oliver business improvement priorities or to locate the Golden Fleece.

Ought not the two highly paid ($225,000.00 combined) Oliver Town Business & Development Managers not be the ones to pound the pavement in an effort to get “feedback” so as to improve Oliver’s inclement business climate? . . . . . Perhaps the Councillor & his Managers are not qualified, do not need the exercise or know they are the problem?

Local bookies have the odds at 1,469 to 1 favouring finding the famous fleece.




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