A Liberal Ode To The Liberal Party Mode

May 15, 2011

Most sing and vote the party, despite the party’s stance
That few support and vote the man, is really happenstance.
‘Cause those who vote the party, regardless of the blight
will ne’er understand the men, whose conscience has such might.

Brainwashed party voters “think” minorities the fright
mayhap lacking independent thought prohibits seeing of the light.
Such blinding ignorance with Brutus daggers keen serves only to demean
as proven by the Liberal party horde in Boundary-Similkameen.

The stabbing of Cardoso spurred by Hovanes-Hampson spite
confirms that Liberal party members must bow to Liberal party might.
As there’s always yin & yang, Joe’s stabbing gives to those who vote the man a greater sense of self and greatest sense of yes, I know I can. 

In BC Liberal strongholds, the voting for the party regardless of the man has tainted local governments, like uncooked ham in cans of Spam. Except the Leaving Lady Councilor the Oliver “city fathers” are BC Liberal hacks led by their manager to sing and praise his laurels and rub each others backs.

Except the leaving Lady, your Liberal City Council led be Uncle Tom did what it could to con the local party’s outcome. To keep the Public in the dark the outcome was deferred ’til later for those of you who wonder why, that’s how you got John Slater

P.S. Friday the 13th of May 2011 – Riding on engorged egos encouraged by the week’s weak win, 969 BC Liberals came together for Members Only “town-hall meetings, policy discussions and workshops reputedly on topics of interest to ordinary BC folk.

There will be lots of people eating out at restaurants, staying at hotels, buying Okanagan wine and enjoying themselves at your expense – spake the House Speaker.


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