Oliver’s 87th Street & Mesa Hotel Massacre Have Much in Common

May 22, 2011

Today May 23 2011, Mesa Hotel property owners are even more steadfast in their understanding of the understood, underlying and opportunistic Town of Oliver’s management mindset, to extinguish the Mesa’s non conforming status, by which the only result from a Mesa Hotel fire would be a burned or demolished and crushed to the ground carcass.

The Mesa Hotel property owners also understand that this preconceived malevolent mindset, by which any and all evidence would be demolished/destroyed, gave rise to the alcohol looting and pull tab machine abductions. Except for the bar chair “rescued” so the Chief might sit down, everything else was destroyed, not burned.   

They further understand that without the aerial platform equipment “provided” to the fire dept by Fortis, the orchestrated passive and preventative fire fighting techniques employed, might well have been sufficient to cause the Mesa and all evidence to be burned beyond conclusion.

Their understanding includes, but is not limited to, the notion that in spite of the less than stellar fire fighting, the fire was fully extinguished, the building was still standing strong and the beer was already looted. The unlawful and without precedent demolition had to occur to cover the Town of Oliver’s management collective “good riddance to the Mesa” mindset and looting tracks.

Their understanding does not include the performance by the acting Mayor about being on the hike and bike path, about his full knowledge that the beer that was being quaffed was looted, about his omissions during his acting Mayor debriefing, about his keeping secret his fellow Councilor’s presence and participation in the quaffing and his keeping secret his Manager’s quaffing at the same time at the same place.   

The myriad Mesa massacre mistakes made culminate with the persons and the processes by which the wrong, illegal preconceived decisions to raze the Mesa, precluding any investigation, were made.

Having lost everything, the Mesa Hotel property owners seek closure, which would include the acknowledgment of the understanding that the Fire Chief did not and could not without having even entered the building, decide on his own, to demolish it. He had guidance and direction. Their question is, from whom?

This is the first in a series of interviews and a prelude to the reporting of their legal claims.

Having had little luck in receiving a receptive ear at the Chronicle and only deaf ears at the Councilor’s personal & political blog the Mesa Hotel property owners want to acknowledge the Ironical’s willingness to lend an ear, their politically incorrect stance and their Freedom of Expression Dogma.  

Mesa Hotel 2

May 23 2010



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