Constructed And Crushed Without Permit

March 4, 2012

Despite the obvious and imminent certainty of fire spread and public safety concerns, the former Mesa barkeep alleges his building was torn down without his permission.

That the building was under wholesale construction, without Building Permit, allowing unsupervised and unqualified electricians and construction personnel to have their way with the building seems not to concern the barkeep.

That “Ferd” the unlikely night watchman, upon smelling smoke, opens all the building doors creating a virtual wind tunnel remains unspoken.

That both the barkeep and his partner were mostly intoxicated while serving, inexplicably absent from their newly constructed second floor suite and virtually broke from lack of business, sober management practices and a clean kitchen seems not important to them.

That a forensic audit would cause the words Financial Combustion to leap from the pages seems beyond Town Management comprehension, makes the former Mesa barkeepers known as the “suers” in both Peach and Summerland, undeservedly fortuitous.

Fire Extinguisher

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