Hovanes Has ‘Wine Capital of Canada Ego’ Harps Hampson

June 16, 2012

Hampson’s Hollow Harping Harbours Hovanian Hate & Hostility.

The Visionary Airport Plan envisioned as quixotic by most and idiotic by others was conceived and consecrated under Hampson’s stiff upper lip.

Hampson’s harping might have held water but his ship sank during his mayoralty tenure when he (Hampson) and Area “C’ Director (Patton) seemingly fused their policies, politics and personalities sufficiently to become each others alter egos, aptly named Patt.

From a visionary view, the two (2) Patts (Town & Rural) gave and give the Gleaners a wide berth by dictating their Town & Rural burgeoning bureaucratic By-laws.

From a further visionary view, the difference between the Extraordinary Visionary Airport Plan and the Visionary Missionary Gleaner Plan is that the Gleaners, without the 2Patts intervening, have a chance of attaining their goal of feeding the world’s hungry. http://www.okanagangleaners.ca/

From a birds eye view, the difference between the 2Patts is that one got elected with less than 10% of the eligible vote.

From an Oliver point of view, the difference between this Mayor & Council and previous Councils is that this current cabal might adopt non-interference downtown parking and industrial zoning policies allowing economic development to those who can.

Canadian Wine Capital Airport Terminal

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