Oliver’s Visionary Feasibility Studies, Strategies And Reviews

June 30, 2012

Oliver Chronicle Editor: If you only had so much money, would you direct it towards battered-women in need of shelter or a cultural exchange trip?

Desert Sun Executive Director: Do Oliver taxpayers want to support Oliver’s most vulnerable or do they want more municipal services and infrastructure?

Oliver Mayor, Council, District Director and their Manager: They have no bread? Let them eat cake! Don’t they know we paid large for a Visionary Affordable Housing Strategy?

Oliver Ironical Editor: Visionary Affordable Housing, Airport, Wine Village, Hotel, Economic, Core and Bylaw Feasibility Studies, Strategies and Reviews by Outhouse Private Sector Management are examples of mega money misappropriations by virtue of the innate inability to implement said Visions by our Inhouse Public Sector Management.

At Risk Vulnerable Citizen(s): Is it Ironical that had all that manipulated mega money gone to Affordable Housing in Private Sector Tax and Underwriting Incentives we might well have roofs over our heads, a chicken in every pot, be capable of contributing…making this conversation moot?

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