Meticulous Mannequin-Suits Make Mousy Men Mighty, Maybe

July 8, 2012

According to the mayor, for Oliver and its Rural District’s mute motorists, the long and winding, rough and bumpy Fairview White Lake Road is an unpleasant and noisy ride.

The mayor also states that, given the same conditions, Naramata’s vociferous motorists would have screamed at their elected loud enough to receive immediate rectification. 

Commenting on Naramata’s or any other jurisdiction’s electorate voice decibel capacity is a red herring.

The issue is: your elected and appointed are afflicted with “meticulous mannequin-suit syndrome” causing the turning of deaf ears to the loudness and blind eyes to the obvious while paying you lip service, n’est-ce pas?

Isn’t it ironical that according to the mayor, the antidote to the “meticulous mannequin-suit syndrome” is your screaming sufficiently at those so afflicted to receive immediate rectification?

Suits of a feather prey together

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