Hateful Hampson Hacks Hovanes Horde

July 21, 2012

“Predicting the results will impact the community negatively” – Hateful Hampson Hacks Hovanes and His Horde by Claiming them Guilty of “Poor Planning, Poor Communication and Poor Decision Making”. Talk about the Pat calling the Kettle Black! 

At last year’s Union Of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) the “Poorest Planning, Poorest Communication and Poorest Decision Making” First Prize was awarded to the Hampson Horde, for aiding and abetting the building of Oliver’s South Winds Strip Mall Without and/or Instead of a Hotel.

At this year’s UBCM Awards, to be acknowledged as the Poster Child for “Poor Planning, Poor Communication and Poor Decision Making” will be the Hampson/Patton Illogical Oliver & District Street Renaming. Pat Patton – two peas in a pod.

At next years UBCM Awards the Hateful Hampson Horde’s Visionary Airport Plan and the Hapless Hovanes Horde’s Hotel & Core Reviews, all suffer sufficient Poor Planning, Poor Communication and Poor Decision Making to Sweep the Entire Podium.

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