from INCA to NK’MIP

July 26, 2012





From Vaseaux’s visionary shores through Osoyoos’ sandy beaches

from Fairview to Mt. Baldy and all the land that reaches

is known by those who sense and feel – this is a place she teaches

Not meaning this a place where masses learn to sense and feel

‘cause learning how to do is only learned by those who’ll heal

for those who’ve yet to learn – do but deny this as unreal.

Lands bounded by Lakes, Fairview and Mt. Baldy too have long

been NK’MIP who held that what she teaches true

not meaning that NK’MIP were – but  the only ones who knew.

Mother Land, Earth and Mother Nature are universe expressions

of those who feel the travesties bestowed on her

in their depressions

while those denying healing, feel not – these Motherly


Invaders of NK’MIP lands who’ve done the least with most

suffer lack of real prosperity ensuing from disrespect of host

that’s why the “voice” of Oliver – sounds like an empty boast

Abusive power so greedily embraced by those who fell from grace

will bite them even though the reckoning has been at tortoise pace

the native lore says the disgraced are doomed

to never win the race.

Should that eventuality not suffice for you

don’t be sad and blue

since ancient Inca to the NK’MIP knew, the healers feel & sense

the true

be not disgraced and do renew to feel and heal – the power is in you.

via windy bone

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