of Men with Vine and Wine

September 11, 2012

 The telling of this tragedy has naught to do with blame –

but keeping secret this here tale would be a doggone shame.

This tale proves plans of vice and men with vine and wine

without accountability, will bring about such crime.


It is not a revelation and it has long been understood –

that non profit type societies have long been doing good.

Thanks to those societies who from private funds and time

 clothe and feed less fortunate, all on their own sweet dime.


To ease the inner guilt of those not prone to giving –

self regulating non-profits ease their way of living.

To keep societies a-doing what governments fail to do

the greater their donation, the greater tax break too.


Behind closed (church) doors the pacts were made religiously – 

ensuring economic stimulus for men with vine exclusively.

Of men with vine and wine this triumphant tragedy be named

we do expect that fervent fermentation may yet be blamed.


All over Oliver the Town roams an odd sense of anxiety –

an odd scent is detected as men with wine are feigning a society.

They act not alone, says Alfred Redl (pronounced riddle)

for a conspiracy to exist, there must be someone in the middle. 


Whores dressed as friends and wolves in sheep’s clothing –

are personas which for plebeians heighten the loathing.

Enter stage right, the thespians ready and poised on their mark,

much ado about nothing, save for the “sale” of Centennial Park.


An end run round Government Charter is still not permitted –

nor should the defense that the crime had yet to be committed.

So low yet so over the top a parkland sale so far out of line

if not without intent, what was meant we’ll leave to you to opine.


A financial fiasco so heavy our Town would go broke –

but not those rural wine village people who thought it a joke.

Failing every way to glean ODCEDS collective attentions

filing a legal suit was to document ODCEDS’ contraventions.


With ODCEDS almost dead and gone why would anyone bother –

cause though he be the scapegoat it wasn’t just Les Lawther.

The engineer with Mayor & Council keep were in it elbows deep

the engineer still runs the show, we pray to God our souls to keep.


We ask not for helping hands when fighting foes of truth unarmed –

with only truthful pen in hand political prevaricators are alarmed.

We’ve been where truth as evidence will ne’er see light of day

and we survived, unscathed and still irreverent some say.


The objective was the culling of betrayers of the Public Trust –

without fear of legal labyrinths which seem to be a must.

We’ve won our way to the highest Court in the Dominion

where politico liars fear to tread, as it’s the Court of Your Opinion.

Oliver & District Community Economic Development Society (ODCEDS)



2 Responses to of Men with Vine and Wine

  1. Redneck Randall on October 9, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    awesome lol a prison just what every community that is trying to maintain or rebuild its structure needs. where do they go when they get out? lol the back yards of Oliver citizens. well the crime rate will go up.

  2. Francesca on September 12, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    And who said crime doesn’t pay ?

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