Smart Water Meters Smart Hydro Meters Dumb Parking Meters

September 26, 2012

That Oliver’s Smart Water Meters and the about to be installed Smart Hydro Meters broadcast data in the same, some say same harmful manner, was never in dispute.

In dispute was the fact that the fear of an informed Oliver public enjoining the Provincial Smart Hydro Meter Moratorium would delay their cash-cow’s cash-flow causing Council to contravene custom until …….Council’s accidental admittance that the Smart Water Meter concept and conception came through the back door without your consultation or consideration.

That soon after securing said cash-cow’s cash-flow, Council would sanctimoniously endorse the Smart Hydro Meter Moratorium was never in dispute. 

Fortis insiders are betting on Moratorium endorsing Municipalities folding like mannequins in cheap suits once a share of their Communities’ Smart Hydro Meters’ Bounty is under the table.

Oliver outsiders are betting that paying lip service to the electorate and paying homage to Father Fortis will be the low road taken by Oliver insiders.

Oliver insiders picture a visionary airport, imagine a wine village and a wine capital with a hotel and view Main Street Merchants willing to pay patrons’ parking tickets as a gateway to Stationary By-Law Enforcement Officers, a.k.a Parking Meters.

Oliver outsiders consider already perennially vacant parking stalls a sign of economic failure and think the Parking Meter notion even dumber than the street renaming idea.

Oliver outsiders would vote for Oliver insiders who would turn back the clock on said idea, which ironically, both the in and the outsiders could and should. 


One Response to Smart Water Meters Smart Hydro Meters Dumb Parking Meters

  1. Redneck Randall on October 9, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    retarded lol i would park at the post office, service B.C. the visitors center, the mall, BC booze store,7-11, or any back street close to my destination. no doubt others will do the same, causing grief amongst residents in close proximity to main street.

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