An Oliver Chronicle of Oliver Ironical Headlines of Communication

September 30, 2012

A Liberal Ode To The Liberal Party Mode

Baton Patton Picks A Predictable Pack Of Planners (APC)

Big Brother Bennest – Judge, Jury & Jailor?

By By-law Oliver Outlaws The Dog Days Of Summer

Constructed And Crushed Without Permit

Council Captivated By Cornerstone Visionary Terminal Plan

Despite The Spite And Might Centennial Park Lives

“Drink Coffee Right Live Longer” say Doctor Oz and Dr. Roizen.

from INCA to NK’MIP

Hampson’s Secret

Hateful Hampson Hacks Hovanes Horde

Hovanes Has ‘Wine Capital of Canada Ego’ Harps Hampson

In Oliver Divide And Rule Runs Rampant

Is Oliver Town & District Moving Forward To Its Past or Advancing To Its Rear?

Is Oliver Town & District Moving Forward To Its Past or Advancing To Its Rear?

Is Our System Flawed or are Our Elected & Their Appointed?

Jackie Bennest handpicked by B.C. Liberals to be Oliver’s next Mayor

Like Castles Built on Sand

Major Mayors Muse Medical Marijuana Moot – Minor Mayor Mute

Micro-Managing Mandarins Make Oliver & Area “C” A Community In Gloom

of Men with Vine and Wine

Oliver’s Economic Desert Ships…Sea-Cans

Oliver, “Open For Business” or “Open For Business Feasibility Studies”?

Oliver Sends In The Clowns

Oliver Grow-Op Also Hurt By Moot Mesa Hotel Demolition

Oliver Town employees work with a local Gardener Designer to complete the carwash corner project.

Oliver’s 87th Street & Mesa Hotel Massacre Have Much in Common

Oliver’s Second Biggest Mistake

Oliver’s Visionary Feasibility Studies, Strategies And Reviews

Oliver Water Councilman Dead Wrong

Oliver Water Meters Outsmart Electorate

Oliver bylaws enforced Ad hoc & Ad lib

Oliver Teen Town Council versus Oliver Town Council

Oliver, Where Canada’s Wine Capital Hosts Its

Annual Banee In Osoyoos

Only in Oliver!

Patton Listens & Reports As Hovanes Talks

Public Pays Patton’s Pricey Price

Public Politicos Purloin Private Party Perks

Self-proclamation makes you go blind

Signs Signs, Everywhere A Sign

Sunshine Café Festival’s “Parade of Patrons”

Sunshine Café Grows Grass

Sunshine Café Under Siege Awaiting Attack

Smart Water Meters Smart Hydro Meters Dumb Parking Meters

Stepsister Bandai City Rules the Waves

Tall Taletellers Tell Tall Tales

The Testalinda Tsunami Tale…Tragic, Trite or Telling?

Three (3) $1666.66 Questions

To An Opportunistic Mayor From Open Opine Minds

“War of the Sidewalk Sandwich Signs”

Water Water Everywhere Yet Not A Drop Riparian

When Freedom Is Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Be Free


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