Camels Without Toes Are Like Castles Built on Sand

October 18, 2012

Inside Oliver Town boundaries our Fatal Fairview Freeway has suffered more fatalities and continues to sustain less speed enforcement than all the other ridiculously renamed and renumbered roadways combined.

169 Desert Sand Hill Homes + Commercial Component x 2 cars per home = 1 more vehicle accessing & exiting our speedway between 7-9a.m. & 3-6p.m. every 30 seconds.

Desert Sand Hill accessing & exiting will frustratingly be from the same slim singular serpentine street.

The Jury is still out on the predictable nominal number of safe & sound “slowpokes” not making up for the lost time through the inevitable School Zone Crossings.

Does the fact that the then Mayor & Council & Manager fought unilaterally to capture Said Sand Hill and the fact that the current Mayor & Council & Manager are fighting without public support to populate the Sad Sand Hill bring new meaning to the words “Pocket Desert” or . . . . . . . is this just, for myriad reasons, more Dumb Smart Growth and stupid strategic community planning?

On the Bright side, the then & now Mayor & Council & Manager’s “Pork Chop Hill” philosophy gets thumbs up from the Communities in Gloom Committee.


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