Lest We Forget

November 3, 2012

Lest We Forget, the refrain phrase from Rudyard Kipling’s poem “Recessional” became popular as a warning against the perils of exaggerated self-pride and the inevitable decline of imposing power.

Lest We Forget, the (3) sure ways to “get elected” & re-elected as Civic Mayor are: (1) Acclamation (2) Over promising & Over stating (3) Profound Public rejection of the other Candidate(s)

Lest We Forget, Oliver Mayors have traditionally only embraced but (1) of the (3) “get elected” methods except for the current Mayor who has embraced all (3) of them.

Lest We Forget, the current Mayor’s first term as Mayor was by “accidental” acclamation and after sitting out a term for failed ambitious ambitions his second term as Mayor resulted from profound public rejection of the incumbent candidate.

Lest We Forget, throughout his last campaign the current Mayor stated over and over that he served as a member of, in the Canadian Armed Forces, Lest We Forget!

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