It’s Irony, Ironic or Ironical that . .

December 20, 2012

when the RDOS flies in the face of your Regional Growth Strategy . . with much mock mortification, your Town elected cackle like hens – yet – act as ostriches in sand when they bastardize your Official Community Plan, miming mute as moles . .

without Vaseline your Town elected shoved “Smart” Water Meters . .  down your throat and into your home – yet – upon  insertion completion they embraced and continue to endorse & support the anti “Smart” Hydro Meter Faction. 

your Rural & Town elected, in concert, own and hold harmless and sing . . the Praises of their Political Party  Propaganda Publishing Purveyor – yet – at public meetings, will only permit prepared prescreened public questions, dealing only with that day’s agenda.  

your Rural & Town elected collectively impersonate the three monkeys . .  when it comes to farmed fish feces flowing fast and far – yet – see, hear & say evil about the common man expecting common sense from our custodians of our collective common cause & community contract.  

your Rural & Town elected are shoe ins . .  for the coveted chameleon award – yet –stand to be recognized for doing the least with the most studies & reviews . . is that Irony, Ironic or Ironical?

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