B.C. Liberals “Cardoso” Slater

January 16, 2013

Is it Ironical that without B.C. Liberals bent on backstabbing & bloodletting, by bringing beaucoup bayonets to their Joe Cardoso Ides of March Party, there would now be no Slater situation?

Is it Ironical that B.C. Liberals waited to execute the “Cardosoing” of Slater until just after Joe denied Christy’s liberal political advances?

Is it Ironical that B.C. Liberals would lead Linda Larson like a lamb to slaughter instead of B.C. Liberal insider Hovanes, who so wanted to be Slater?

Is it Ironical that B.C. Liberals political hack Hampson has to now wait until after the fallout from the Provincial Election to announce his running for Municipal Mayor?

Is it Ironical that B.C. Liberals, even at their weakest, will hold B.C. N.D.P. to a Minority Government?

Is it Ironical that a B.C. N.D.P. Minority Government, to sustain life, would have to endorse & support freedom of speech? 


A Liberal Ode To The Liberal Party Mode

3 Responses to B.C. Liberals “Cardoso” Slater

  1. redneck randall on March 5, 2013 at 6:40 pm


    Freedom of fucking speech must be upheld. Next thing you know you won’t be allowed to debate religious fundamentalism or the word of God(s) for the good news of all, religion should be quelled. If man can not make his mind up on morals and ethics than let him perish in madness. I find nothing “just” about worship. Jesus was was a time traveling hippie, Muhammad was his servant niggardley slave. Muhammad took it in the ass from the Baptist. The Baptist created all this nonsensical religious shit. We have
    Muslims worshiping a fallen meteor and Christians, we’ll the first and last Christian died on the cross.
    Unfortunately for the church due to falling memberships, they have allowed ass fucking faggots and cock hating dykes into the church. what’s next?
    These faggots and dykes are bringing us down. I’ll not accept home security or religion. Both are contrary to humanity. One has to question the weather we should be allowing the government to make silly changes to our charter. The charter of rights and freedoms was created in a simpler time. When fag bashing was the norm and there was no need for multi religions. Let us not forget what Socrates teaches us about religion. So why not challenge our government on religion, race, sexual orientation. BC needs to quit hiring faggots in the ministry. The government of BC is just a nigger for immigrants. Untill we start dealing with the real issues everything else is moot. Sincereley one Red necked, Jesus hating, towel head slapping, muslim brotherhood hunting, fag throwing, dyke punching, Mexican smashing mother fucker

  2. The Editor on March 18, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    “The one thing you have to give to even your worst enemies is, freedom of speech, if you wish to keep it for yourself.” Doug Christie

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