Majority BC Lib Govt. versus Minority BC NDP Govt.

January 25, 2013

Majority Liberal Legislative Assembly Members must first “sell” the Premier’s every wish & whim to their Ridings and then their souls or sit in opposition pretending to be holier than thou in a “paper tiger” minority party role. 

Minority NDP Legislative Assembly Members may “sell”, without rebuke, their Ridings’ requirements to their minority party leader by saying what they mean and meaning what they say in equally shared minority roles.

Majority Party Governments Reign Supremely.

Minority Party Governments Reign Supremely Benignly.

Majority Party Power is Absolute and Corrupts Absolutely.

For the Majority of the Masses any Minority Government is Most Major.

It is logical that no one says BC NDP would not be Liberals in sheep’s clothing given a Majority.

What is being said is that rewarding BC Liberals with another Majority is illogical.

That Provincial Liberals hold transparency, accountability and humility under wraps continues to be said.

It’s been said that the millions a Provincial NDP Majority might mismanage is about half a billion less than a Provincial Liberal Majority might misappropriate.

It goes without being said that throughout the last Quarter Century Provincial Liberals have held an overwhelming majority over Oliver Municipal Mayors, Councils & Manager.

It needs to be said that not even one Provincial Liberal feigned as much as a raised eyebrow  when they slew Slater for being flawed and ordained without transparency, accountability and humility a “new” perfectly flawless Liberal lemming machine in Boundary Similkameen.

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