Patton Posts Poison Pen Photograph

February 2, 2013

Premise: Oliver Rural Petty Officer Patton proves patently positive penchant for poor perception.

His Story: Is on record for not being able to remember whether or not he took the Photograph that represented nothing untoward and had he though it might, he would not have distributed it, three or four years later, to all Oliver Council & RDOS Board Members.

Question: What then was his probable motivation for doing so?

Supposition: That fish farms do not pollute, that turning out someone’s light makes yours burns brighter, that marketing boards are good for business and more restrictive government regulations are good for South Okanagan wineries are all poor perceptions.

Observation: Some say poor perception is an asset for Provincial political party politicos. 

Prediction: Mr. Patton’s perception is perfect for Provincial politics and will sacrifice his RDOS seat for a shot at a Provincial one 

Friends with Benefits

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