Oliver Town employees work with a local Gardener Designer to complete the carwash corner project.

March 1, 2011

Expensive Tree

Most folks would consider a couple of rock berms, some boulders, a large rock and some indigenous plants as prepared rubble.

Our elected consider such intentional rubble as a “facelift” for the ‘triangle’ at the carwash corner. Without asking hometown affiliation we asked 69 people at random the following:

Considering the value and availability of rocks, indigenous plants, labour and trucking – What or how much would you consider to be a reasonable bid to assemble the rocks and what do you think of the design?

The answers ranged from a low of $2500 to a high of $6900.

As to design, the answers were unanimous – what design?

“this particular piece of land represents an important corner in Oliver”states Councillor Basso

The Director of Operations says, “to get this work done for $13,500.00 is reasonable”.

Actual cost is $14,690.00 plus. It is not known to whom the local Gardener/Designer is related.

Do you feel your design getting a designed getting?

Last year In Oliver’s Triangle Park a “sick” tree was removed and replaced by a mature sapling. How many thousands of dollars do you think you spent on that?

More or less than $6900?

Less is wrong.

Expensive Rocks

Expensive Rocks

Observed @ the Rock Garden @ the Carwash Corner @ 2 p.m. on Thursday, April 28, 2011 was an unidentified woman ‘rocklifting’ yet another indigenous plant from amongst the rocks.

Seen sashaying south, plant in hand, she was heard to mutter, “damn weeds”.

Look Ma, More Expensive Rocks

3 ROCK FORMATIONS $50,000.00 +

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