Poor Folk Rich Pope Share Same Ditch

March 8, 2013

It matters much the height of caste one’s earthly station

yet all the masses’ classes, are from the same creation.

What matters most are family trees of that proliferation

yet matters not their roots, are source of earth’s conflagration.

Exalted tales of caste & wealth are nothing but outrageous

yet were it not for lack of ink, they’d sate all newspaper pages.

Lore’s lessons lost are myriad throughout the ages

yet tales that stuck, had naught to do with wages.

 Penniless may not be poor and having much may not be rich

yet for them so loaded, that’s life’s most problematic glitch.

When death doth part, all masses’ classes share same earthly ditch

yet gravestone size & shape is merely money matter, ain’t that rich.

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