Councillor Candidate’s Coffee Klatch

September 2, 2013
john micka





 1) What prompted you to throw your  hat into municipal politics?   

 Some say Main Streets can be an economic driver and a reflection of the Town’s Character. Some say it’s just another Street. I say our Main Street could and should reflect the surrounding “Desert-Garden of Eden” & “Wine Country” – that’s what prompted me.  Also see Is The Status Quo The Way To Go? and Free Financial Facts From Formulated Figures

2) What is your background (bio)?

This is my home town. I am an SOHS graduate. Most people know me as the sunshine café barista and the “politically incorrect” editor. Also please see my candidate handout below.

3) What is your platform?

I do not profess a platform. I would promote “Invest only in Oliver” economic development expenditures through increased Parks & Recreation Society and Community Arts Council funding and footprints. Also see Military Insanity versus Civic Insanity

4) What issues concern you in Oliver?

The Number, the Cost and the Return on Investment of the Studies, Research Projects, Reviews, Consultants and Cronyism are issues of concern. Also see Oliver, “Open For Business” or “Open For Business Feasibility Studies”?  and Wine Village People Embark On Core Review And Hotel Study

5) What do you think the Town can do better?

When the Town’s elected, appointed and hired begin to turn their deaf ear and blind eye the other way – things will get better. Also see Elected Extinguish Electorate’s Expectations

6) What can we do about youth delinquency in Oliver?

Youth delinquency slumps when economic opportunities soar.

7) What would you do to boost the local economy?

Promote “Invest only in Oliver” economic development expenditures through increased Parks & Recreation Society and Community Arts Council funding and footprint. 

8) If you could change one thing in Oliver, what would it be and why?

Successful corporations change personnel and direction as times dictate. The corporation of Oliver has not changed for two (2) decades. I would begin by changing the corporation’s manager.

9) What more can we do to accommodate summer transients and fruit pickers?

It is not Oliver’s responsibility, nor is our Town capable or desirous of accommodating summer transients. Fruit pickers are fruit growers’ responsibilities.

10) Pick one problem in Oliver and offer a solution?

Picking two problems and offering two solutions:

1) The inability or the unwillingness of Oliver’s elected and appointed to acknowledge that without the Rural Region there would be no need for the Town of Oliver. The solution is to make them one.

2) The “them and us” syndrome afflicting the once elected and their appointed.

My solution to not becoming one of them, to remain one of us and to have you be heard can only be accomplished by my refusing their “pay-cheque”.

I leave you with this Patently Hampsonian quote made by the previous Mayor who, in concert with his corporate manager, brought you the street renaming and renumbering project – “Lets face it governments rarely allow public opinion to influence or divert their decisions”.


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